Saturday, June 27, 2009

Getting What I Want

I have been thinking a lot recently about what I want out of a relationship. This train of thought started a couple of months ago when someone from my past reappeared in my life with promises of a future. I began to question whether or not I wanted that person back in my life. The main question I could not (and still can't) answer was whether or not that person could be and do the things I want in a relationship. I started to realize that the only way to truly know the answer to that question was to figure out what exactly I am looking for. So here, dear readers, is a list of my criteria for achieving the ideal relationship:

1. Mostly importantly the person needs to be emotionally ready and opened to the idea of a relationship. That means no recent or pending divorces or breakups.

2. The person needs to be willing to provide me with an adequate amount of attention. This could include phone calls, text messages, emails, instant messages or even Facebook posts. Anything that let's me know you are interested and thinking of me. But there is also that fine line between enough attention and too much attention.

3. Someone who is willing to include me in their life. I don't expect or want to spend every waking moment together but it would nice to know when you have other plans or when we might get to see each other. Also meeting their friends is another way to include me in their life. I would like to think the friends have at least heard the person is seeing someone.

Obviously this is just a start. I do intend to compile a more complete list in the future. And to answer the question, no, the person from the past does not meet any of these criteria. What I don't know is if he is capable of meeting these if really given the opportunity. I might not ever know the answer to that one.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Port Aransas

After several crazy weeks of proposals at work, I was finally able to make my escape from the office and from Austin to head to the beach for a couple of days. Jenny and I left Friday morning for Port Aransas after I dropped Maverick off at Doggy Day Out for the weekend. Four hours later, we were sitting in Virginia's by the Bay eating fresh seafood and looking out over the water. That night we took a stroll on the beach and then relaxed in the condo until bedtime. After sleeping in Saturday morning, we loaded up our stuff and head to the beach from some fun in the sun. Here is my view from Saturday morning:
So we enjoyed the sun, sand and water for a couple of hours before I realized that I was turning pink and it was time to head in. More relaxing in the condo and another late afternoon walk on the beach rounded out the day. Sunday morning meant checking out of the condo to head back home. At that point the last thing I wanted to do was drive back to Austin, so we decided to head to Corpus Christi and take a tour of the USS Lexington.
Seeing the ship and comparing it to the USS Alabama at home was pretty neat except for the fact it was blazing hot. I do believe Jenny and I sweated off 5 pounds during the tour. Thank goodness they sell Icees on board to help cool you off. I also scraped my sunburned leg on one of the metal steps while climbing a ladder and screamed bloody murder. I do believe that hurt more than I could have possibly imagined. All in all it was a great trip. I needed a couple of days to take my mind off of the real world and just relax.

New Look

I hope everyone is enjoying the new look of Just Say Julie. If you would like a cute and fun background, you should check out The Cutest Blog on the Block. They have tons of cute, free layouts that work perfectly with blogger. I had a hard time chosing one and I suspect I will change them out to spice things up a bit.