Friday, July 27, 2007

Flying Under the Radar

I know it has been a few days since I have posted anything but that has been because I haven’t had anything to say. We have to attend a Hail & Farewell this evening. It kind of feels like a death march going to your own farewell when you don’t know what your next move is. Branch is still giving us the run around on Shawn’s next assignment. Every time he has talked to them we have been pushed back a week on getting a real answer. So it has now been two months and Shawn still doesn’t have a job. I am frustrated because I am staring a promotion in the face that is pretty much mine if I want it. However, I have to tell my boss that I might not be able to take it because I might have to move. The thought of moving is both scary and exciting. I am trying to look at it as an adventure for Shawn and I to go on but I don’t want to leave my friends and my job and have to start over again. I am just now adjusted to this place. I am not ready to pack up and do it over. But then there is the prospect of moving somewhere where we already have friends. That could be exciting. I just wish I knew the answer. If anyone can see into the future, please let me know where I am going to be in two months

Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally Home

Shawn missed my birthday by 25 minutes. I arrived at the gym to pick him up at about 12:45 on Thursday morning. We finally got home an hour later. I was exhausted Thursday at work. However, I was excited because part of my birthday present was a trip to Fredericksburg for a little R & R for us. So we got the plans in place and headed out of town after my doctor’s appointment on Friday. It was nice to escape for a couple of days. Fredericksburg is a great little German community about 2 hours from here. We had no idea prior to moving here that there was such a strong German influence in Central Texas. It is actually quite interesting. Shawn did the husbandly duties of carrying all my bags while we shopped on Saturday. I think we both enjoyed the laziness of the weekend sleeping to nearly 9 each morning. I was ready to head back on Sunday since I missed Maverick very much. He has been having a hard time being boarded recently and was very happy to have Shawn home. I wasn’t sure how much Maverick missed Shawn until I saw his reaction to him on Thursday morning. He went crazy when Shawn walked in and that was after only a month. I hate to see what he will be like when Shawn leaves for Korea.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK…so today is the day I have been dreading for the last year. I am officially 30 today. And you know what…it isn’t so bad. As a matter of fact, I think everything is going to be OK. It will actually be better than OK. I got a reminder why I married my husband today. Shawn is not the best when it comes to picking out gifts for me so I didn’t have high hopes this year with him being so busy before he left for NTC and currently being gone. Recently things have been tense between us due to job stress and not enough time together. But he made me forget all that without hardly trying. He hid my birthday present in his closet before he left for NTC last month. So when he called this morning and gave me the location of my present. I must say I was surprised that he had been able to hid it so well since I never saw anything clear the bank account or the credit card. So I ran home from work and this is what I found hiding in the closet:

He did really well this year! Also, we are running away for a much needed escape from reality this weekend. I am really looking forward to it. Oh and he comes home from NTC tonight…well, 1 AM in the morning…but it is better than nothing. Gotta love Army time!

Reasons I Love Living in a Military Town

This is going to be one of those random blogs that is just me talking about something that makes me happy. I obviously live in a military town. Fort Hood is the largest military installation in the United States. I grew up having respect for the military but not ever really thinking much about it. Then my brother joined the Army right before I graduated from college. I then was able to stand a little taller because I was the sister of a soldier. After 9-11, fear hit me. I realized then that war was inevitable and I was scared about how it was going to effect my brother and my family. Then I met Shawn and my whole perspective changed. Clay went to war in OIF I. During the time he was gone, I got engaged and married to Shawn. Shortly after our wedding, Shawn deployed for the first time. It was during that time that I began to get frustrated with the lack of understanding from those in the civilian world over the life we lead as a military family. Shawn and Clay overlapped in Iraq by about a month. After they both returned from Iraq, Shawn and I got orders to the same installation Clay was stationed at. We ended up here in Central Texas and Shawn deployed again. Clay left a few months later leaving me completely alone in a strange town 700 miles away from home. I am telling you all this to help you understand a small portion of my background with the military. I definitely went through a trial by fire being a new spouse married to an officer and not truly understanding everything that was going on around me.

That all being said there are some things that I truly love about living in a military town. It isn’t all wonderful but there is a better sense of understanding for the life we lead. If I had to choose between going home during a deployment and staying here away from my family, I would definitely stay here. I am surrounded by people who are either going through or have gone through the same thing I am dealing with. I don’t feel the pity here that I felt at home being the only person most of my friends knew that was dealing with the separation of a deployment. The patriotic spirit in this town is amazing. Everywhere you turn you see “Support Our Troops” signs and American flags. It just makes you proud. I think the Fourth of July celebration on post really helped me to appreciate it more. I mean where else can you see soldiers in uniform holding the flags of all 50 states while Black Hawk helicopters hoover over head and canons fire. It was amazing. Then there are the random sights that just truly make you smile. While waiting in the airport for my flight home two weeks ago, an older gentleman walked up to a soldier getting ready to return to Iraq from R&R and asked him, “Has anyone thanked you for your service today?” Or how about the Korean War Veteran in a local Mom & Pop joint paying for the meal of a couple sitting at the table next to him because he knows the young man is a soldier. These things just make me happy and proud of my husband and his job. It is different for him because it is his job but for me it is the life I chose when I married him. That’s all I have to say about that. Thanks for letting me have my moment.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Rest of My Trip

I already posted a blog about my trip to Mobile last weekend. I am happy to report that the rest of my stay was much better than the process of trying to get there. It was so great to see Ronda and her little one as well as Auntie Martha and Suzanna. We stayed busy but we still found time for wine and popcorn as well as a lot of girl talk. I got some much needed perspective on some things I have been dealing with recently. That is the great thing about being around people who really know you. They understand you enough to know how you truly feel about things. I am not going to say I got all the answers I needed but I am at least headed in the right direction now. Baby Scout and I hit it off and became fast friends over the weekend. After all, she takes after her Auntie Ju Ju in so many ways.

I do miss being home and being around all those I love. I will have to plan a trip home again sooner than this one was. Mom and I headed back to the Lone Star state on Sunday afternoon. We were worried that the day was going to turn out much like my trip out there when I received the text message that my flight had been canceled. However, we were able to get on an earlier flight out of Mobile that actually worked to our advantage. Once in Dallas, our departure gate changed 4 times and the flight kept getting delayed but we ended up only being two hours late arriving home. It was so nice to see my own bed. I determined that I didn’t want to spend anytime in an airport again for a long time. I am still trying to figure out if there is a way we can drive to Hawaii next month.