Friday, March 24, 2006

My Greatest Weakness: Shopping

K…first I must say I can’t believe that there is actually a myspace category for shopping so this is perfect for my entry.The time has come to admit that I am a shopaholic. Depression shopping is bad for me. Send my husband away for a year, give us extra money, and what do I do? Let me just put it this way: my house is fully decorated and I have only lived here 8 months.

By the way, I am going to shop for Cowboy Boots to wear to Denim and Diamonds tomorrow after work and the VTC. Afterall, I live in Texas now. It is only fitting that I own and wear cowboy (girl?) boots.

Now back to my point. I am the perfect shopping companion. If you just want to go shopping to leave the house but don’t really need to spend money, take me. I will do all the spending for you. I can’t help it. It makes me feel better. I like having pretty new things to look at or play with or wear. I am also guilty of finding one thing that I really like and buying several of them. Classic examples are my boots that I bought back at the beginning of fall. I loved the first pair so much I now own three pairs in different colors. But I wear them constantly. Also there are the fabulous new Investments pants they are selling in Dillard’s now. For the first time a company has realized that there are petite people shorter than 5′4″ and we need pants hemmed to fit us too. So when I discovered these pants, I bought 5 pairs of them. (Have you ever tried to find pants for someone who is 5′1″ and has a 27 inch inseam?)

So the question is, is this really a problem? I would say no because Shawn and I are very financially stable. I am an accountant after all. Being good with money is a given. However, there is the fact that I will soon be quitting my job so my income will be leaving us. Frankly I don’t worry too much about what I spend when I am working because I am contributing to the finances so I justify it by saying I am spending the money I earned. But I do have to deal with Shawn who tends to be a bit of a penny pincher at times. Not that that is a bad thing but I don’t like being told we don’t have money when I am the one in charge of the checkbook and know good and well that the opposite is true.

When my shopping habits become a problem is when I do something crazy (well not too crazy but a little on the mental side). I learned a lesson last week. Never take me to an auction. I should have known this knowing how I get on ebay but on ebay there is an auctioneer up in your face trying to get you to raise your bid. Let’s just say I walked away with a full scale spa day and we won’t talk about how much I spent on it. It was for a good cause though. The even better cause is getting to use the spa day right before Shawn comes home. That way I get to pamper myself before I pamper him.

So that is my story for this evening. Hello, my name is Julie and I am a shopaholic.

I should run. I need to get my beauty sleep. Tomorrow is the big video teleconference (VTC). I get to see Shawn for the first time in 6 months. We get to spend a whole 8 minutes talking to each other. We have had longer conversations than that when I have been half asleep or preoccupied with work. But I am not really complaining. I am just happy to get the opportunity to see his face again. Have a great weekend!

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