Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Countdown Begins

Well, I have had a lot of people ask so I figured I would give an update on R & R. Shawn got into Killeen around 4 on Monday afternoon. The greatest thing for me was getting the phone call while in the Harker Heights Walmart (because we all know the on in Killeen is scary!) that Shawn was in fact sitting in the Dallas airport waiting for his flight to leave. The first weekend was spent in Arkansas visiting Shawn’s family. The majority of the rest of our time was working on the very long honey-do list that had piled up over nearly 8 months of me living alone in our new house. A quick trip to the village of Salado highlighted the second weekend Shawn was home. The best part of the two weeks was feeling like a family again, just me, Shawn and Maverick. After Shawn boarded his plane on Wednesday to head back, I resumed my depression shopping. However, my unemployment and the vast amount of home improvements and traveling expenses incurred during Shawn’s brief stay have seriously crimped my shopping style for a while. Either I will have to find another source of income or I can’t shop anymore. Yikes…I better get the classifieds. I am happy to report that Shawn called Friday to say he had safely arrived back at his installation and is of course struggling to stay awake at work now. The good news is based on the information Shawn told me we only have about 2 and a half months until the return of his unit. I can’t wait!

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