Friday, May 18, 2007

Late Night

Here it is 2:25 in the morning and I am sitting here with a glass of wine trying to figure out why I can’t sleep. Is it because Maverick decided that snoring in bed would be fun tonight? Or is it the wonderful news that Shawn gave me that we might have to move this summer? I am devastated right now. I should be happy but all I can do is cry. Shawn was told two days ago that he was being moved from his current job to another position in another part of the unit. OK…I was a little sad by this because I would be leaving all the friends I had made in the current unit and the volunteer position with that unit to move to another unit. That I could handle because I would still be able to see my friends. However, this evening I got the news that the other position won’t be available to him. Unless the Army can see it in its cold heart to give him another position with another unit here, we will be moving. Just when I was starting to be happy and comfortable here. Man, I love the Army! I don’t think I could ever say that I love living in Texas but it has become home and I enjoy it. There is a lot to see and do. It has grown on me. I have friends here now. It has taken nearly two years but I actually have people to hang out with. I have a job that I like for the most part that has a lot of future potential for me. But that could all change in the next two months and I will have to start over again. Shawn still has to go to NTC in California to train for more than a month in three weeks which I think is insane. But his replacement won’t be here yet. After that, who knows! I just hope we can work out something to stay here. I never that I would say that but I really don’t want to leave. At least not yet. On the brighter side of things, this means that Shawn probably won’t be deploying in the fall after all. Like I said, I should be happy. I just don’t know why I’m not.

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