Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Life This Week

So I mentioned before that my wonderful friends have found an abundance of things to keep me occupied during this temporary separation. This week has been the perfect example of that. I think Monday has been the only night that I came home and stayed home. Poor Maverick probably thinks Shawn and I have both left him. Tuesday night was dinner at the Olive Garden with Jenn and Ginny. Two and a half hours of girl talk over pasta and drinks really does the soul good. I don’t think we stopped laughing the entire time we were there. When my TV Guide arrived earlier this week, I discovered that the Dancing with the Stars Tour was coming to Austin Wednesday night. So online I went to purchase tickets. I dialed up Jenny (my sister-in-law in Austin) and last night I was off to the land of the longhorns to partake in one of my passions in life. I must say seeing the dances in person was 100 times better than watching them on TV. Tonight it was off to a local high school with Jenn and Diane for a community theatre performance of High School Musical. I hadn’t seen the show before and, while it had its cheesy moments, it was cute. I won’t say it was the best show I have seen (after all my trips to Broadway, that would be impossible) but they did the best they could with the talent they had available to them. I felt sorry for the little girl who played the lead in the show. She obviously hadn’t practiced in the shoes she was wearing in show because she slipped twice on the stage. The evening was made a little more enjoyable by seeing IT guy and his kiddos there. I am sure I will have plenty to do this weekend as well. Jenn and I are getting massages this weekend at the local day spa. I am sure I will end up shopping again some how. That always seems to be the best way to occupy my time. After all, I do have to plan for my trip home next weekend.

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