Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Trip to Alabama

As you know if you read my last blog, I was really excited about my trip home for the weekend. If I had known the ordeal I was going to go through just trying to get out of Texas, I might have reconsidered the trip. The day started out innocently enough with IT guy taking me to the airport since we both live on that side of town. However, things quickly turned ugly when I walked into the airport and saw the line waiting to check in at the American Airlines counter. After being dropped off I realized I had left my cell phone at the house and had to send IT guy back to my place to get said cell phone. Little did I know how much I would need the phone later on during the day. Once I had my cell phone in hand, I proceeded through security expecting to be boarding a plane at any minute. That minute did not come until four hours later when my flight to Dallas finally arrived at our local airport. After finally arriving in Dallas, I discovered that I could have made the original flight to Mobile that I had been booked for before they moved me to a later one. Well, I wish I had been on that plane. My 3:30 flight was canceled so I was placed on standby for a flight that was to leave at 5:30. However, with 23 people on the standby list, I felt my chances of making it were pretty slim. Something was making me think that there was a reason I didn’t need to go to Mobile that evening. Once the time came to board the 5:30 flight that didn’t actually leave until 7, I was still standing in the airport hoping to get home. At that point I was begging the airline to get me close to Mobile. So I got placed standby on a flight to Gulfport, MS which is an hour from Mobile. So at 8:00 I was finally boarding the plane and calling Mom at the same time to come get me from the airport. After arriving in Gulfport and making the drive to Mobile, I headed to the airport in Mobile to see if my luggage had arrived. Sure enough my luggage had made the 5:30 flight that I had not been on. However no one was at the counter to give me my luggage. So I climbed on the luggage scale and retrieved my own luggage. After all what were they going to do, arrest me for stealing my own luggage? I finally arrived at my final destination at 11:30 that evening. In the amount of time it took me to arrive in Mobile, I could have made the 12 hour drive. I just hope that I don’t have as many problems trying to fly back tomorrow.

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