Friday, June 15, 2007

Rambling Thoughts

It has been nearly a week since Shawn left for his 5 week stay in the desert. I have to say that I am realizing more and more what a fabulous (or, as Jenn would say, fantabulous) bunch of friends I have. My schedule for the next couple of weeks is cram packed with events and gatherings that will keep me busy and help the time past quicker. In addition to my trip home in two weeks and Mom’s subsequent visit to Central Texas, I will hardly notice that Shawn is gone. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

Maverick, on the other, is noticing Shawn’s absence. I caught him sitting in front of the door to the garage the other night just staring waiting for it to open. It is sad because he doesn’t understand. He is used to it being just me in the house with him since Shawn was deployed when I got him. Actually, I would think he would be a bit relieved to have Shawn gone since I am clearly the favorite pet parent. We have been getting in some good quality time. I feel like we have returned to deployment mode a bit, watching tv sitting in the recliner together all night. It has been a nice little break from the stress we were under before this trip began.

We are still waiting for news of a new contract at work. I really hope that we get it. Some big changes will happen around the office if we get it. Not to mention that it will double our work load since we add nearly 100 more employees. We have heard through unofficial channels that we got the contract but I don’t know when the official word is supposed to come out. I think we might hear something next week once our president gets back from his cruise. I certainly hope so!

Well, I don’t have any exciting plans for my Friday night. I just ordered a pizza (yes, second time this week) and I am thinking that pay-per-view sounds like a winner. I could clean the house but I think I will wait until tomorrow. Cleaning seems like a good plan for Saturday plus a trip to the post office to mail somethings that Shawn forgot to take with him.

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