Monday, July 16, 2007

Finally Home

Shawn missed my birthday by 25 minutes. I arrived at the gym to pick him up at about 12:45 on Thursday morning. We finally got home an hour later. I was exhausted Thursday at work. However, I was excited because part of my birthday present was a trip to Fredericksburg for a little R & R for us. So we got the plans in place and headed out of town after my doctor’s appointment on Friday. It was nice to escape for a couple of days. Fredericksburg is a great little German community about 2 hours from here. We had no idea prior to moving here that there was such a strong German influence in Central Texas. It is actually quite interesting. Shawn did the husbandly duties of carrying all my bags while we shopped on Saturday. I think we both enjoyed the laziness of the weekend sleeping to nearly 9 each morning. I was ready to head back on Sunday since I missed Maverick very much. He has been having a hard time being boarded recently and was very happy to have Shawn home. I wasn’t sure how much Maverick missed Shawn until I saw his reaction to him on Thursday morning. He went crazy when Shawn walked in and that was after only a month. I hate to see what he will be like when Shawn leaves for Korea.

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