Friday, July 27, 2007

Flying Under the Radar

I know it has been a few days since I have posted anything but that has been because I haven’t had anything to say. We have to attend a Hail & Farewell this evening. It kind of feels like a death march going to your own farewell when you don’t know what your next move is. Branch is still giving us the run around on Shawn’s next assignment. Every time he has talked to them we have been pushed back a week on getting a real answer. So it has now been two months and Shawn still doesn’t have a job. I am frustrated because I am staring a promotion in the face that is pretty much mine if I want it. However, I have to tell my boss that I might not be able to take it because I might have to move. The thought of moving is both scary and exciting. I am trying to look at it as an adventure for Shawn and I to go on but I don’t want to leave my friends and my job and have to start over again. I am just now adjusted to this place. I am not ready to pack up and do it over. But then there is the prospect of moving somewhere where we already have friends. That could be exciting. I just wish I knew the answer. If anyone can see into the future, please let me know where I am going to be in two months

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