Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Independence Day

So here I am in Portland for work this week training on our accounting software because every good accountant needs to know how to use the software her company provides. I was a little freaked out about coming out here by myself but I ended up making a friend in my class who happened to be staying at the same hotel as me. In the process of hanging out in the evenings after class, the details of my pending divorce came out. Yesterday morning I logged into my email during break to find an email from Shawn’s lawyer stating that she was taking the final papers to the court house that day. So I shared the news with my new friend. I have been through such a roller coaster of emotions over this whole situation that I didn’t really feel anything when I got the email. I guess it has all been a long time coming. This morning Michelle looked over at me and said, “Happy Indepenence Day.” I looked at her funny until I realized what she was referring to. And you know what, she is right. Today is my independence day. Today is the day that I get to start my new life. So when they released us from class earlier today I decided to do what every free woman does to celebrate…I went shopping! There is a nice mall across from my hotel and little did I know that Oregon doesn’t have sales tax. (NICE!) By the way, how ironic is it that tomorrow would have been my fourth anniversary!

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