Monday, March 10, 2008


So I have basically picked out all the new furniture I want for my new house. I decided that new house = new furniture since this house represents a fresh start for me. So I am in the process of selling the majority of my furniture to replace it with new, more modern furniture that I am picking out all on my own. I have one issue that I can't resolve though and that is where you as my faithful readers will come in. There are two beds at Ikea that I like that match the rest of the furniture I have picked for my bedroom. One is wood and one is metal. The metal bed is $100 cheaper than the wooden bed. So here are pictures of the two bed options:

Here is the rest of the furniture that will be in the room as well as the comforter that will be on the bed:

So please faithful readers, vote on the option you think I should choose. I will take all your opinions into consideration and let you know what my final decision is. So far my boss, co-worker, and Mom are voting for the metal bed while my brother is voting for the wooden bed.


twylitehope said...

Both are awesome. However, I think it all depends on what you want the 'mood' of the room to convey. If you want a warm & cozy room - go for the wood. If you want a light, airy, and relaxing feel - go for the metal. Personally, I would prob get the wood one.

emtjwd said...

I like the wooden one. It makes the room seem more cozy. I am not a big fan of metal beds.