Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gadget Girl

Shortly after we started dating, J made the comment that we needed to increase my gadget girl status. Being the he is an IT geek, that was not a surprise. Now that we are no longer dating I am working on increasing my gadget girl status. Prior to all this my newest and favorite gadget was my hot pink iPod nano purchased shortly before my trip to Hawaii. So I proceeded to purchase the accessories to accompany my iPod. That included a small set of travel speakers and a clock radio my iPod could be plugged into. Up until recently that was the extent of my gadgetness.

However, as a reward for being patient through the process of trying to sell my house in Killeen, I decided to purchase a new cell phone. I went into the AT&T store planning to purchase a red Blackberry curve because I wanted to be able to check my work email from my phone. I also needed a new phone since Maverick had decided my old one was a chew toy and he had left his teeth marks all over the phone. Once I entered the store and talked to the salesperson I discovered that my beagle wasn't the only one who liked to chew on electronics. His beagle had destroyed a bluetooth headset. He also was able to convince to purchase my next toy, my iPhone. I love it. I am so glad I got it. And I can check my work email from it so it is all pluses for the iPhone.

Sunday the Target ad in the newspaper caught my attention. There were two gadgets in the ad that made me want to run out to store and make my purchases despite the fact my bout of food poisoning was still kicking my ass. The first one was the reduced price for the 1Gb iPod shuffle. J had mentioned how great it was for exercising since it could easily be clipped to a shirt while walked or doing whatever other form of exercise one preferred. Since it was only $49.99 and they had it in purple, I decided it was a must have. Now I have no excuse not to take Mav on walks once we move. The second gadget is something I have wanted for a while and haven't been able to find. We all know what it is and none of us can ever find one when we want one. That's right folks...I was dying to buy a Wii. However, I didn't make it out of the house on Sunday so once I finally made it to Target today, I was able to purchase my purple iPod but alas there were no Wii's to be found (big shocker). So I did what any smart person would do...I hit CraigsList and did a search. The first person I wrote to still had a Wii to be purchased so we worked out a deal and met up this afternoon so the exchange could take place. Once I got home I managed to get the console connected and spent the next hour trying to make pro on Wii Sports Bowling. (Man, I really need to steal my Mii from J since I already have a kick ass score and my sparklely ball!)

So I am well on my way to upping my gadget girl status. The next major purchase on the gadget status will be upgrading to a new TV once I move. Anyone up for some shopping? :)


Sarah Lena said...

Delurking to AGREE about the purchases! Admittedly, I don't have the iphone, and the sales people at AT&T told me not to get one because our area has CRAPPY reception. But the Shuffle? Best purchase of my last two years of gadget bliss.. and I even own an 8 gig ipod. The shuffle is just SO much easier to have with me at all times! And don't even get me started on my love for the Wii..

twylitehope said...

Ohhhh, being a gadget girl myself, I completely understand what you are going through. I do not have an iPod (except on the iPhone) as of yet, but as my Dell Dj is completely broken - I've been thinking of getting a shuffle before too long. Good luck on getting PRO!! I still haven't gotten that far (Pat has though). Miss ya!