Sunday, March 23, 2008

Only in Texas

This morning I ventured down south to join Clay and his in-laws for Easter. First we headed to church and then to the Kelly Compound for an Easter egg hunt and lunch. Since I haven't found a church here in Austin, I was happy for the opportunity to visit a church in town and also not have to spend Easter alone. However, during the church service this morning, I witnessed one of those "Only in Texas" moments. The pastor was telling a story about deer hunting to illustrate a particular point. The story involved him purchasing a deer head from a taxidermist after having one he had actually shot stuffed. While the story probably would have been adequate to illustrate the point, the pastor decided he needed to really drive the point home. How he decided to do that was to carry both deer heads on to the pulpit with him. Rather than returning them to their hidden location after he completed the story, he left them on the pulpit for the rest of the sermon. So we sat through the rest of the service about the resurrection of Christ with two dead deer staring back out at us. I guess that is how you know it is Easter in Texas!

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