Monday, March 17, 2008

Sleepless in Austin I know this title doesn't have the same ring as that of the movie I love so much and, no, I am not calling into a radio talk show to talk about losing the love of my life. (Probably because that hasn't happened to me yet) However, I have had many sleepless nights recently. OK...not necessarily sleepless but I have been having a hard time falling asleep and an even harder time wanting to wake up and go to work. So here I am on yet another evening where sleep is evading me trolling the internet and sipping a glass of wine with the hopes that the latter will work its magic and I will reach dream land (not the BBQ restaurant in Alabama but sleepy time) soon. So, what pray tell is causing these issues I am having? I am not totally sure. I can list several factors that I think are contributing to the problem that all added together are creating one giant problem. First there was the breakup...I know...I know. I shouldn't get so worked up over a boy (or man in this case) but what if that boy was the first person you felt a real connection to in a long time. After the divorce, I think it has made breakups harder for me. I guess I no longer feel like time is on my side and I want to find someone to love. (I know...spare me the lectures...I don't need to rush anything.) Then there is work and the additional stress that has created in my life. Next would be my recent bout with food poisoning. That has really screwed up my sleep schedule since I spent the majority of several days sleeping instead of hurling. But probably the biggest factor would be the upcoming purchase and move to my new home. Every time I lay to sleep my mind begins to race with the millions of things I need to do before I clear out of the apartment and the millions of things I want to do when I move into the house. If only I didn't have another six weeks to wait. I could be so productive. However I am in a total holding pattern right now. And unfortunately that holding pattern won't end as soon as I close on the house. Two days later I will be heading to New York for my bi-annual Jackson Women's Wild Weekend in Manhattan. So needless to say the move will have to wait until my return to the Lone Star State. On a brighter note, I sold my bedroom suite tonight. So I will be resorting to sleeping in the guest room soon rather than moving the bed into the master. I also think that has my brain in philosophical mode. I listed the majority of my large pieces of furniture on CraigsList about two weeks ago. So far I sold one piece and watched it hauled off and now the bedroom furniture will be leaving by the end of the week. In some ways it is sad because it is like watching my old life walk out the door. On the other hand, I won't be staring at constant reminders of Shawn anymore and it is giving me a chance for a fresh start. So I guess my point is can we just skip the entire month of April and get to May already!?!

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