Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Sunday afternoon after perusing the newspaper, I decided to head out to the local Super Target because they had dog food on sale. After all, Maverick tends to eat me out of house and home...mostly because he destroys all the toys and beds I give him. Anyway, I decided to don my earphones and iPod and proceeded to beep bop my way through the store. I am proud to say that I saved myself more than $10 with all the coupons I had clipped prior to leaving the house. As I walked through the aisles of the grocery section, I spotted something that just simply made my day (I know...I lead a sad existence). I have been trying to cut back my Dr. Pepper intake and for those of you who know my love for said drink, you realize how hard this is for me. I typically drink two a day at work either from a to go cup or from the break room stock while I am at work. So I try not to keep any at home so I am not as tempted to drink them at home. However, the item I spotted was something that I felt would allow me to keep my favorite drink at home but still not overindulge.

Who knew they made Dr. Pepper in an 8 ounce can? SCORE!

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