Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back to the Basics of Love

For weeks now I have been wanting to head down to Fredericksburg for the crawfish festival they were having this weekend. And for weeks now I have been looking for someone to go with me. By last night, I still had no one lined up to go so I had resigned myself not to go since I don't like to go places by myself and I particularly don't like going long distances by myself. However I determined this morning that my lack of available friends (or lack of friends period) shouldn't stop me from getting out and doing something I want to do. So I hopped in the shower, looked up the directions on my iPhone, and jumped in the 4 runner for the trip. It was no surprise to me when I arrived on Main Street an hour and a half later that there was no parking to be found. So I turned off Main Street and found a church about two blocks away that was allowing parking. Score! I then headed up to the town square where the festival was being held to take in the sights and visit the vendors that had setup around the perimeter. Being that I had forgotten to bring a hat with me and, as is typical this time of year, it was a hot and sunny Texas day, I finally made a purchase that has been waiting nearly three years. I bought the cutest cowboy hat. After taking in the festival for a little while and determining that there was no way I could actually eat spicy crawfish in 90+ degree heat, I decided to take in some shopping. The shopping spree was successful with many great buys returning to Austin with me. However, I did say no to the fabulous shoes you will see pictured in the album below. As much as I loved them, I knew I would never wear them. I did take time for a wine tasting while I was there and brought home a lovely Rose wine with a hint of strawberry and papaya. D Vine Wines also makes an extra yummy frozen peach drink with their peach wine that was perfect for the hot almost summer day we were experiencing. My favorite moment of the day came while I was taking a break from shopping to finish my frozen peach drink. Two old men were sitting on a bench across from me outside of The Tasting Room sipping glasses of wine they had just purchased. (Yes, this is allowed in Fredericksburg. God bless the Germans!) One of the men looked at the other one and said, "You know we should just buy a big bottle and refill our cups since we are allowed to walk around with them." This just really amused me because I had a great visual of these two old men stumbling down the street with their 8 ounce plastic cups and a large bottle of wine. OK...guess you had to be there. Once I was done with my shopping, I decided to head back to Austin knowing that there were a few necessary stops I would need to make first. My first stop was at the Circle E Candle Company showroom. Circle E makes the best candles in the world. I highly recommend you check them out. My favorite is the Bird of Paradise candle but they have many other scents that are to die for. Next I stopped to pick up peaches from one of the road side stands and couldn't resist the offering of homemade peach ice cream. For those of you that don't know, this portion of the Texas Hill Country is known for peaches and wineries. So you can't go to Fredericksburg without getting both. My last stop was slightly off the beaten path...Luckenbach, TX (OK...sing with me...) There isn't much to see there but it is worth the stop to say you have been there. Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings used to play there frequently but last I heard, Willie hasn't played there in a while because the crowds are too much for the area to handle. Luckenbach was also made famous by the song that refers to going to Luckenbach, TX to get back to the basics of love. All in all it was a great day. Getting out of Austin did me a lot of good. Even though I got several "You're by yourself" comments when I would ask people to take pictures for me, I was happy to be able to do what I wanted to on my own schedule. I am forcing myself to step out of my comfort zone and not be afraid to do things I want to do even if I have to enjoy them alone. And now to make everyone who had the opportunity to go with me and those who didn't jealous, enjoy the pictures!


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CraftyHope said...

Looks like you had a very good time. I'm proud of you for stepping out of that comfort zone. It can be hard, but it's so much easier than to succumb to someone else's wants/ agenda. SUCCESS!!