Sunday, May 18, 2008

New York in Bullets

Day One - Friday, May 2nd
  • Jenny& I woke up at 4 AM for our 6:15 flight to New York
  • Delayed in Dallas (big surprise!) but got to watch 27 Dresses on the plane (score!)
  • Arrived in NYC about 20 minutes before Mom & Shannon and the rest of the group
  • Hotel - Milford Plaza located on the corner of 45th and 8th
  • Dinner - Charley O's - Parmesan Crusted Tuscan Tilapia (yum!)
  • Show - The Little Mermaid - I was skeptical but it was well done and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A little disturbed by King Triton's nipple ring (which I could see from the balcony) but I now know a good use for wheelie shoes.
  • Post Show Dessert - Snickers Cheesecake at Roxy Delicatessen

*Random side note for the day: It is interesting having a TSA agent in the family, especially one who has worked in this capacity for 4 days. Apparently Clay thought that Jenny and I hadn't been on a plane or through an airport in the last 5 years since he proceeded to instruct us on how to handle our baggage through security. Did you know you can put your shoes right on the conveyor belt? Well, now you don't so don't reach for a bucket to put your shoes.

Day Two - Saturday, May 3rd
  • Shannon, Jenny & I toured the area around Times Square. We hit the Hershey's Store, M & M's World, and Toys R Us.
  • Surprised Jenny with a Personalized Birthday Cake at Tavern on the Green
  • Be very careful when you hire a car service and make sure the person driving the car knows where you are going before you leave so you don't have to tell them 4 times that Tavern on the Green is located inside Central Park! Just opt for the limo. They seem to know what they are doing.
  • Breakfast - Times Square Hot Bagels - Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Walnut Raisin Cream Cheese (extra yummy, extra fattening!)
  • Lunch - John's Pizzeria - Margherita pizza with ground beef and sun dried tomatoes
  • Show - Young Frankenstein (matinee) - Very hilarious!
  • Dinner - Tavern on the Green (finally!) - Blue Crab Bisque (wonderful) and Herb Crusted Fillet of Beef with mashed potatoes and asparagus (even better)

* Funny moment from Young Frankenstein - There was a slight technically difficulty in the second act where a portion of the set didn't come on stage at the proper cue. Once the problem was corrected and the show proceeded, the actor made a joke of the moment by saying, "Sorry I am late. I missed the express train and had to take a local!" It was great. Gotta love live theatre.

Day Three - Sunday, May 4th
  • In addition to hidden store back rooms and fake offices located on side streets, the new method of selling knock offs in Chinatown is to load down a van and park it on the side of the street. Guess it makes for fast getaway.
  • Had the opportunity to see how New Yorkers really live by taking a Sunday afternoon stroll through SOHO.
  • The three of us took the subway over to Grand Central Station to explore and take in some sights there.
  • Almost became extras in a Julia Roberts' movie by walking out of Grand Central Station and straight into the set on the street without realizing what it was.
  • Got a backstage tour of the Mary Poppins set (absolutely incredible!) I also did a soft shoe on a Broadway stage so now I can say I danced on Broadway!
  • Lunch - Gray's Papaya - 2 Hot Dogs and a drink for $3.50!
  • Show - Mary Poppins- Too wonderful to even describe made even better by meeting the cast and going backstage
  • Dinner - Chevy's Tex Mex (yes, I know I live in Texas) - Fajitas (had to wait too long and it was way too late so I was just starving!)

* Note to Man doing Yoga on Rooftop - Next time you decide that you must get some sun while performing your yoga routine, make sure there isn't a high rise hotel near by where bored visitors can watch your every move. We have pictures. We laughed...a lot!

Day Four - Monday, May 5th
  • Our last day in New York :(
  • Went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum - If you have never been, I highly recommend it. The figures are amazingly realistic and you can take some fabulous pictures.
  • Delayed leaving O'Hare so didn't get back to Austin until 1 AM
  • Breakfast - Chock Full of Nuts in the hotel
  • Lunch - Smith's Restaurant & Bar
New York May 2008

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