Sunday, August 3, 2008

Puppy Patrol

No dish towel is safe in my house. If I try to hang one from the oven handle or dishwasher handle, it is on the floor in ten minutes. That is if Maverick doesn't decide to run around the house with it. As soon as it gets it in his mouth and I realize what he is up to, off he goes. Now that the boxes are out of the dining room I don't have a way to block him in so instead I have to find another location to corner him. His path goes something like this. He hops up on the love seat, across to the couch, and then hits the ottoman before diving off to land in the foyer and dash through the kitchen and around the dining room table. Somehow I just end up standing there turning in a circle until either he drops the contraband or I get him in between the couch and love seat. Tonight he got the dish towel and once he finally dropped, he ran to the couch and grabbed the remote instead (my dog loves electronics). What do I do? Grab a treat and head to the back door knowing that he will drop the remote once he reaches the door because he is more interested in going outside and getting the treat. The better question is why do I keep torturing my self and keep trying to hang the towel? I guess I keep hoping that one day Maverick will break this habit and I won't have to chase him to recover my dish towel. Guess its a good thing I only use it to dry my hands and not on the actual dishes.

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