Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's Crazy Headlines

My Google Reader is setup to feed me news stories from the newspaper and a news channel in both Mobile and Austin. So I tend to stumble across some rather interesting stories that make me wonder how people determine what is truly news. Also, I start to realize that there are some truly bizarre people in this world. So I give you today's crazy headlines.

PETA Wants Freezer Body Billboard
Let me start off by giving you a little background related to this headline. There is currently a man in Mobile who is charged with murdering his wife nearly 4 years ago and stuffing her body in the freezer. The body was discovered when one of his 8 children accused him of rape and police searched the house. On top of this, the man is a preacher! Now PETA wants to use this to their advantage by promoting that "All Meat is Murder" and posting a billboard in Mobile showing a leg on a plate. Frankly, I think this is just wrong and distasteful. The whole situation gives me the creeps. I can't believe that any organization would try to use such a sad, twisted, and disturbing story to their advantage.

Parents Leave Child at Airport
The story behind this is an Israeli family with 5 children accidentally left their 3-year old in the Tel Aviv airport while in a rush to board a flight to Paris. I know that 5 kids are a lot to keep up with but I can't imagine not noticing that I don't have my child. The truly sad part is that neither the parents or the other 4 children noticed the 3-year old was missing until the airline officials notified them in the air that their child had been found. Seriously, how can you miss something like that?

Chef: Sorry for Suggesting Poison Plant in Salad
A British celebrity chef (whom I had never heard of) mixed up the names of a member of the spinach family and a poisonous plant in a recipe he included in Healthy and Organic Living. Remind me never to eat anything this chef prepares if he doesn't know his safe food from his poisonous plant. Yikes!

And for the best of today's crazy headlines:
Man Calls 911 Over Sauce-less Sub
That is right, folks. A Jacksonville, FL man was so angry that his sub at Subway was missing the spicy Italian sauce he called 911 not once but twice. The second call was made because the man believe that the police were not arriving fast enough. The (smart) Subway workers locked the man out of the store when he left to call the police. Of course it was the man who was arrested for making false 911 calls rather than the Subway employees for not making the sandwich correctly. Now...correct me if I am wrong but don't you watch them make your sandwich at Subway? So doesn't that mean the man should have noticed that the sauce was missing before receiving his sub? Just me...I must be the crazy one.

Hope you enjoyed today's crazy headlines. Stay tuned for more as the world only gets more odd as the days go by.

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