Friday, October 24, 2008


So I changed my relationship status on Facebook this week after my conversation with eHarmony guy and let me tell you that has been the source of much discussion. Apparently a relationship status change is something that many people take notice to. I had 5 people comment on my page about the change as well as an email on the same subject that stemmed from a conversation among my church group. Let's not mention the calls from family members (along with lectures) about said change. I it necessary (the lectures that is)? Maybe I shouldn't have made the change yet. After all, Wally (OK...there I said it) hasn't confirmed the relationship yet*. Not quite sure why that is other than he just may be a little weird about it at this point because boys can be like that. I will admit to being curious when I have noticed changes on other people's pages so I can understand the fastination. However, I am beginning to realize more and more that we are all just bored and Facebook is a good way to fill that time.

*I have been told that I need to clarify this post a bit. When I said he hadn't confirmed the relationship, I meant on FaceBook. There is a place on your page to list if you are married or dating another FaceBook member. If you submit that information with the person's name attached they send a confirmation request to the other person before they will post their name on your page. So when I said he hadn't confirmed it, that is what I meant. In conversations we had, he had confirmed the relationship between the two of us.

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