Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Computer Ramblings

I bought a new desktop a few weeks ago and I finally got around to setting it up this weekend. I forgot how much easier it could be to type on a regular keyboard rather than my laptop. I have also been undertaking the huge task of organizing my office. The office has been the catch all room since I moved. Some of the boxes in here are ones I packed when Shawn moved out to separate our stuff so I hadn't seen their contents in more than a year. I came across a Valentine's card from Nanny that was probably one of the last cards she sent me before she died two and a half years ago. It's amazing how something so simple can make you hurt so much. I guess Memommie's death still has me kind of tender in the heart. There are still a few boxes that need to be sorted and reorganized but I made a lot of progress. I think Maverick is enjoying me hanging out in his room with him. He lays at my feet while I work on the computer. Truth be told I probably like his company more than he likes mine. Still nothing from the Rocker Jerk (Wally's new nickname) not that I expected to hear anything from him. I do wish eHarmony and the other dating websites would let you post comments on people's profiles when you have a bad experience like this. That way you can warn others to avoid someone so they can't pull the same stunt with another person. I wonder what sort of comments he would have had already if that was a feature they allowed.

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