Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a Difference a Week Makes

This time last week I was packing to head home for the second time in as many weeks for Memommie's funeral. I had spent the better portion of the day with Wally and I was waiting for him to finish uploading his footage from the night before so he could come over for a while. I now know that was all a lie. Some time over the course of the weekend he deleted me from his Facebook friends list and blocked me on AOL Instant Messenger. Why, you might ask? Wouldn't I love to know. However, I don't because I haven't heard anything from him since he dropped me off at my car last Saturday night. No returned phone calls, no explanation of why he choose to end our relationship. I realized all this while I was getting ready to go to my grandmother's wake. As if I wasn't dealing with an emotional time already, add being blown off by the guy you were supposedly dating. I have run the gammit of emotions since Monday. First, hurt closely followed by confusion. I am now on to anger. I cannot believe that a 35 year old man would be so immature. That he wouldn't have the courage to tell me the truth. While the truth might upset me at first, I can handle it and I will get over it much easier if you at least have the consideration and respect to do that for me. This by far tops the list of the terrible things guys have done to me. Yes, it replaces the guy who broke up with me the night before my birthday. I realize that he was not a man I could really see myself spending eternity with but it doesn't disappoint me any less. It is never easy to be rejected for any reason. It is even harder when you don't know what that reason is. I have decided that I am going to go back to focusing on me and not worry about men for a while. I was better off when I was doing that before I met Wally. I will definitely be better off doing it again now.

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