Sunday, January 4, 2009

Random Thoughts for the Day

I don't have anything interesting to report but I do have a few random thoughts I thought I would share.

- I love sitting on the couch on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee reading the newspaper.

- Sometimes my dog is so cute. When I open the plantation blinds in the living room, Maverick will put his paws on the window sill outside and look in at me. It is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen.

- Sometimes my dog can be so annoying like when he tries to steal the blanket covering my legs.

- Sandra Lee on the Food Network annoys me. The premise of her show, Semi-Homemade, is great but I can't watch it because I can't stand her.

- I really wish I had someone to cook for. I love to cook and I am constantly finding great recipes I want to try. However, most of them are too much to fix for just me and require more effort than I want to make for a one person meal.

- The weather in Texas kills me. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and I was running the AC. Today it is 40 and the heat is back on. It's no wonder my sinuses suck!

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