Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gathering My Thoughts

I am lost in thought today. I have spent the last two weeks getting to know someone new and, for the first time, getting the same back in return. He actually wants to get to know me, the real me, not the facade I put up when I want to be accepted. He read this entire blog. He listened to me pour my heart out about everything that has happened over the last few years. We have talked about marriage and divorce and what we want from each other. He used the phrase "uncertain comfort" last night and knew exactly what he meant. I am comfortable with him. I feel like we get each other in a way no one has before. I even told him he was the male equivalent of me. But it has been 2 weeks and the realistic side of me tells me there is no way this could be real. Not yet at least. Am I being cynical? I have been hurt before by people who led me to believe they got me. But for once, it all feels true. I don't see empty promises. Only raw honesty. My heart aches when I am not around him. The smile never leaves my face when I think about him.


Shannon said...

i'm so glad that you've met someone who "gets" you. what a great feeling! i'm really happy for you julie! i know i keep saying that, but it continues to be true! it makes me smile.

CraftyHope said...

Yay! Just. . ..yay!

Susangalique said...

wow! its really a good sign when they read your entire blog. I have a friend who married a guy who read her entire blog.