Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting Married

I am getting married in 41 days! YAY!

After much debating and discussion and planning one way and changing our minds, the sheriff and I decided that just the two of us at a B&B in the Smokey Mountains was the perfect way to begin our lives together. I am looking forward to the trip and to becoming man and wife. But I am sad at the same time. We attended the wedding of two mutual friends from church yesterday. It was the second wedding we had attended since becoming engaged. For both couples, it was the first marriage for each of them and they had a big celebration with all their family and friends. Everyone was there to congratulate them and to express their happiness to the couple. And all I can think is that no one will be there to celebrate with us. I realized we planned it that way. This is what we wanted. Just us but it doesn't mean that I can't be sad that I won't have my dad walk me down the aisle or my mom fussing over my dress or my brother giving me crap or my nephew wishing he was somewhere else. I have told my parents they can come if they want to but I don't really get the impression they believe me. So as excited as I am to be the sheriff's wife, there is a bit of melancholy there that I don't get to share my excitement with everyone who loves me. After all, it isn't like you are supposed to have a big wedding the second time around but there was no way I was going to get married by 7 midget Elvises in Vegas either.

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David Patrick said...

My advice to you is that if it's important that your family be at your wedding. Then change your plans to do that. You don't to start your marriage with that in the back of your mind because you wanted it to be different.

Be mindful that the wedding itself is not the biggest part of the marriage. In fact, in hindsight, it's the least important if you plan on being married forever. So don't start out the marriage in a bad state because of resentment over the wedding.