Thursday, November 4, 2010


I spent most of my day being annoyed today.  It started last night after I got home from dinner with the Sheriff.  I got a text when I was leaving work that they were doing work on the road in front of my house.  It should be a problem for me to get into our driveway but it was just a head's up.  Apparently a water pipe in front of a neighbor's house busted and they were repairing it.  They had been working for several hours already when I arrived home because Maverick had to be left in his room so he wouldn't keep barking at the noise outside.  We were fortunate to have a night to ourselves without Kiddo thanks to his grandmother so we decided to go on a date.  When we returned home around 8:30, they were still working on the road.  An hour later I could still hear them out there and so could Mav and he was letting me know it.  At 10:15, still there.  All the while I was worried about Kiddo waking up from the noise because it was right outside his bedroom window.  At 11, I was in bed and could still hear them working outside.  Maverick was agitated and, while he wasn't barking, it took him a while to get settled which meant it took me a while to get to sleep.  So, yes, I was annoyed.  Because I went to bed annoyed, I woke up annoyed and that just carried over to me being annoyed most of the day.  And when I am annoyed, my patience and tolerance runs thin.  At least I was aware of it and was able to warn the Sheriff before I got home.  Fortunately, when I got home, no one was working on the street.  Tomorrow should be a better day.

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