Monday, November 29, 2010

A Case of the Mondays

"Look's like somebody's got a case of the Mondays!"  The line made famous by the movie Office Space, which just so happened to be filmed here in Austin.  Yep, that was me today.  After the long weekend, I woke up with absolutely no desire to return to the office.  No real reason except that my bed was warm and comfy and I didn't want to get out of it.  Plus, while I am a ton better, I am still recovering from my cold from last week.  The barking cough is gone but I am still cruddy.  That does not make for a good Monday.  My boss commented on the way out of the office this afternoon that I had been quiet today which was out of the ordinary for me.  Well, I had spent most of the day with my headphones on and tried to focus on getting my work done.  Truth was I didn't want to work late so I wanted to knock all my work out before the end of the day.  Also, I spent most of Sunday in a bad mood and really just didn't want to deal with people today.  Shortly before I left the office, the Sheriff sent me a text that Kiddo was sick.  At that point I knew I was in for a long night.  It appears that the stomach bug that has been going around has hit my house.  First, the Sheriff and now Kiddo.  Here's hoping that I can avoid it since I really don't need to miss any work.

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Anonymous said...

UGH. Hoping you don't catch the stomach bug either. Maybe your immune system is so busy fighting your current cold that it will just fight that one too without knowing it. :)