Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I mentioned recently that my company relocated to a new building about 20 miles away from our previous location which increased my commute from 10 miles to 33 miles.  This isn't the longest I have ever had to commute but it has been a while since I had to make a long drive to work.  My longest commute, from Killeen to NW Austin, was nearly 60 miles and only lasted 6 weeks since I was in the process of moving to Austin.  I am one of those people who likes to live in close proximity to everything I do, especially work.  I knew the drive to Austin was temporary which is why I was willing to make it.  I was relieved when I settled in my apartment 4 miles away and only had to do 2 u-turns to get to work instead of taking the highways and toll roads.  This new commute has been rough getting used to.  I take the toll way to get to the office because it cuts down on the traffic and is an overall faster route to the new location but it is expensive.  Also, since this toll way is fairly new, there isn't much along it so I better have a full tank of gas and pray that I don't break down since there isn't anywhere to stop along the way.  The Sheriff's work schedule also limits my choices on when I can arrive and leave work as well as increases the need to travel faster.  Daylight Savings Time ending has done wonders for my commute though.  The last month found me leaving my house at 0 dark 30 when it is still pitch black outside.  I would literally watch the sun come up as I made my way to the office each morning.  That was actually kind of cool.  On the flip side, I would still have a couple of hours of daylight left when I headed home.  The time change brings the opposite effect.  The sun is shining when I leaving for work and I get to watch the sun set on my home.  Fortunately I am driving north so I am not blinded by the setting sun.  I definitely prefer this commute to what I experienced this past month.  With it dark outside when I was leaving for work, it was harder to wake up and get going to safely commute.  I would stroll at the door with coffee in my hand and my heavily lidded eyes would finally perk up a bit about half down the 130 toll way.  I even tweeted that tired was my new normal because I felt like I just couldn't get enough rest (of course blogging at 10:15 doesn't help).  The better mornings definitely help me get going a little bit better in the mornings.  Who knows...I might even be able to stop taking the coffee with me soon.  On second thought...not so much!  

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