Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yep, exhausted...that would be me this evening.  We had our Thanksgiving pot luck at work today and I spent most of my day helping setup, putting food out, and cleaning up.  To say I am worn out would be an understatement.  Because of that, you aren't going to get much of a blog from me tonight.  I am sitting here waiting for the Alabama massacre of Georgia State to end so I can head to bed.  At 63-7 with 6 minutes left, I would say we pretty well have this one in the bag.  Now we just have the Iron Bowl to look forward to next week to wrap up our regular season and then an undetermined bowl game.  Here's hoping work flies by quickly tomorrow.  I am looking forward to a low key weekend.


Anonymous said...

That game was bad... I am a tide fan but found myself feeling sorry for GA state! Hope you get some rest, potlucks are exhausting.

MavsMom said...

I felt bad for Georgia State. They really didn't stand a chance but I am sure they knew what to expect going into a game like that one.