Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Family Dog

One thing I realized I hadn't mentioned was how Maverick was adjusting to having two new people living in his house.  Since my divorce, Maverick has been the "man" of the house and took his job of protecting me very seriously.  The Sheriff was concerned about how Kiddo would react to Maverick, especially since Maverick is basically the same size as Kiddo.  He was pretty scared of Mav at first because Mav tends to be a little hyper and doesn't know the difference between 0 and 60.  Kiddo has never had dogs as pets.  His mom owns a couple of cats but everyone who has owned a cat knows, cats would typically rather leave you alone while dogs just want love from their humans.  I was worried that Maverick would be jealous or protective and wouldn't react well to having the Sheriff and Kiddo in the house.  However, I was wrong (and should have known better).  Maverick has loved having two extra people to take care of him and give him love.  Fortunately he is an extremely friendly dog so my biggest concern should have been trying to lick everyone to death.  All in all, we are just one big happy family living the suburban dream.  It's actually kind of sickening.  :)

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