Friday, November 26, 2010

Iron Bowl 2010

In the state of Alabama, there is only one football game that matters: the Iron Bowl.  This is a game were battles are fought and legends are born.  This game pits family members against each other and can turn best friends into bitter enemies.  Alabama versus Auburn.  Winner takes all.  There are so many stories to tell and so much history involved.  I have watched Alabama lose 6 straight years only to come back and shut out Auburn the next year.  I have seen last minute defeats and come from behind wins.  I had no idea what to expect today.  Alabama is the reigning National Champion while Auburn is undefeated so far this season.  But anything could happen.  Alabama came out of the gun firing hard and hitting harder, forcing 3 consecutive 3 and outs while accumulating 21 unanswered points all in the first half.  I thought we had a good shot at pulling off the win and ruining Auburn's perfect season but I tried not to get too optimistic.  That was a good thing.  Unfortunately, Alabama's lead didn't hold and Auburn ended up coming from behind to defeat Alabama by 1 point.  It wasn't the blow out many expected but it was definitely one for the record books.  Surprisingly I managed to stay calmer than normal during the game thanks to some wonderful friends who came over to eat leftovers and watch the game with us.  The company was great which took the sting off of the loss a bit.  Now I get to listen to another year of Auburn bragging about their Iron Bowl win.  Just remember...there is always next year.

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Anonymous said...

All that talk about Cam yet they only beat us by one point.