Thursday, March 24, 2011

Observations on Pregnancy (Part 2)

One of the major things I have learned over the last 5 months is that every woman handles pregnancy differently.  For example, no one could believe I started showing at 9 weeks.  That wasn’t possible.  It was only gas.  But it was possible, at least for me.  I am only 5’2” (OK…5’1”) so I have a fairly small build which leaves little room for the baby internally.  I knew my growing belly wasn’t gas because it felt different, harder from my normal stomach.  I get weekly emails telling me what milestones I should be expecting that week and most of the time I have already experienced them by the time I receive the email.   Here are a few more things I have observed that I think are worth sharing.

My Growing Belly:  I have enjoyed watching and feeling my belly grow and realizing I have absolutely no control over it.  It catches me off guard sometimes when I will see my side reflection in the mirror and I realize that the changes I think I am feeling are not my imagination but are really visibly there.  Add to that the flutters of movement and I am constantly amazed at what is going on inside me.  At the same time, it causes me a bit of panic if I don’t think the baby is moving enough.  But then I just have to keep in mind that everything is OK and I shouldn’t panic until I have proof that there is a reason to panic.

Lack of Sleep: I was exhausted during my first trimester.  I was usually in bed by 9 if not earlier.  I kept hearing that the 2nd trimester was great because you had all this energy.  They lied.  I’m still worn out all the time.  Of course, it’s probably because I don’t sleep well.  I am normally one of those people who sleeps so soundly it takes a lot to wake me up, like a Mack truck driving through my bedroom.  However, between the potty breaks and having to sleep on my side, I am just not getting any deep sleep.  Hence the tired all the time.  Last night, I could barely keep my eyes opened once Chris left for work and I was in bed counting sheep before he even hit briefing at 9:45.

Baby Brain: I never believed the whole idea that being pregnant zapped your memory until I got pregnant.  Now I can’t remember anything.  I used to have a pretty decent memory and now not so much.  Chris will swear he told me something and I don’t even recall having a conversation with him.  It’s quite frustrating but at least I have an excuse and most people (surprisingly) understand.  However, I am ready to have my brain back.  I miss it.

When I first started writing this post a couple of weeks ago, I had several more things I wanted to talk about.  It should come as no surprise that I can’t remember them all now.  So, expect a part 3 to observations on pregnancy before too long.  That is if I can remember the password to my blog.

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