Saturday, April 23, 2011


Chris and I were able to go register for baby gear a couple of weeks ago.   We went into the experience with an idea of what we wanted.  I had read a lot of reviews on various brands and had a pretty good  idea of the brands I was leaning towards.  Beyond that, it was a matter of picking out a fabric I liked.  One thing I hadn't taken into consideration was the weight of some of the products we would be shopping for.  I was surprised at how heavy some of the car seats and strollers were and quickly realized that some of them I wouldn't be able to handle on my own.  We quickly scrapped our plans of registering for the travel system I had initially picked out and decided to look at the other options in the store.  After one of the clerks in the store tried to talk us into a $300 travel system, we finally settled on a separate car seat and stroller that we had looked at as a joke to begin with until we realized the weight was good and we actually liked the pattern.  Further exploration of the store revealed that there was a pack  n' play and diaper bag in the same paper and thus our theme was born.

I had really wanted to do the nursery in black and white houndstooth with some red thrown in to pay tribute to my beloved Crimson Tide.  So everything I had looked at up to that point fell within that color scheme.  I had even located a car seat with houndstooth fabric that I would have loved if I could have tested the matching stroller (they didn't carry it in the store).  I never would have imagined that I would end up with this particular theme and that I would like it so much.  After we finished registering, I decided to hunt online to see what I could find in nursery bedding that would coordinate with our emerging theme.  The first page that came up on my search sealed the deal for me.  It was then that I knew exactly what I would use for the nursery.  This was the picture that I saw:
Green and Brown Elephant Baby NurseryPippin by Graco - Graco  - Babies"R"Us
The second picture is the pattern of the stroller and car seat we picked out.  I guess it was all meant to be.  The bedding used in the first picture Carter's Green Elephant while our stroller set is Pippin by Graco.  I love the brown letters with his name on the wall but I know we won't be painting the room in the green and brown.  I think our tan walls will be a perfect compliment to everything we have picked out.  I just can't wait to get started on all now.


Katie Hampton said...

Inspiration indeed! It's even his name, plus the elephants (even if they aren't "bama" elephants!)

Super cute. I love it. I wish I could come help you get stuff ready.

Jennifer Snell said...

Love! Love! Love! Even this Auburn grrl says this is awesome!