Monday, April 11, 2011

J-Day 2011

In my previous post, I mentioned I was going home to see my aunt receive an award from the college we both attended.  I realized I hadn't mentioned too much about Judson on here so I thought it was time to share a little background information.  I completed my bachelor's degree at a small liberal arts college in west central Alabama called Judson College. Not to be confused with Judson University in Illinois, my Judson isn't your typical college.  It is a Southern Baptist women's college, one of only 44 women's college remaining in the nation today.  It was founded in 1838 and was named after Ann Hasseltine Judson, America's first female foreign missionary.  Obviously, this is a place full of history and tradition and I was honored to be a part of the legacy of Judson women.

So my trip home found me spending most of my time not in my home town but in the town I spent 4 years of my life, learning and growing and becoming part of the person I am today.  J-Day at Judson is probably similar to what most colleges would have for Homecoming.  Reunions are held.  Meetings are held.  Awards are given away.  I, personally, was hoping for the "traveled furthest distance" award but alas, I was beaten out by someone from Los Angeles.  However, if there had been an award for traveled furthest distance and pregnant, that would have gone to your's truly.  (By the way, it is 708 miles from my house in Texas to Bibb Street in Marion, Alabama where Judson is located.)  My aunt, Carol, was given the Alumnae Loyalty Award for her work and dedication to the school over the years.  You will notice in the article that my mom also attended Judson so the Judson tradition is pretty strong in my family.

The weekend in Marion was great.  Sometimes I forget how much I enjoyed my time at Judson and I regret that I didn't appreciate it more while I was there.  I was able to see my two former suite mates (and two of my closest friends) as well as many other people I knew when went to school there.  We also had a lot of my family come up for the awards banquet to honor my aunt.  Here is a picture of most of my family who attended the banquet.
Notice I hid behind the love seat in order to hide my massive belly.  (The last thing I want is tons of pictures of me swollen and 6 months pregnant!)  However, I miss judged the space between the sofa and the table next to it and I couldn't get back out from behind the sofa when we were done with pictures.  The president of the college, Dr. Potts, walked up about that time and ended up moving the sofa for me.  I was slightly embarrassed but this was someone who had known me since I was 11 years old so I guess I get a pass on that one. 

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