Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Home Stretch

I hit 34 weeks yesterday which means I have 6 weeks left in this pregnancy.  It is officially drawing to a close.  In 3 weeks, I will be considered full term so Jackson's arrival could happen at anytime from this point forward.  I have felt all along he will get here before his due date at the end of July.  And now my blood pressure is doing wacky things so I keep expecting the doctor to tell me it is time.

And with that all I can think about everything I still need to do to get ready.  My intent is to leave detailed instructions behind at work so my coworkers can easily pick up behind me and carry on while I am out.  We also keep putting off moving the furniture out of the office to make room for the nursery furniture that we haven't yet purchased.  Somewhere around the beginning of May, our schedules imploded.  All the sudden we were a lot busier than we had been and free time was a minimum.  I thought the end of the school year would bring some relief but all it has done is changed the activities that are filling up our time.

Panic set in somewhere around week 30 when I realized that Jackson could show up at anytime and nothing was ready.  We didn't have any stuff for him.  We barely had any clothes and we certainly didn't have any diapers.  Fortunately, the trifecta of baby showers started around that time and I could breath a sigh of relief once I started to receive gifts.  I must say that we have truly wonderful friends who have blessed us with a lot of great stuff for Jackson.  We still have things we need to get before he arrives but at least I can say we are pretty much prepared for him now.

Now all I can do is wait.  Wait through the aches and pains.  Wait through the crazy pregnancy related ailments I have developed.  And suffer through the heat, knowing it is only going to get worse.  (The high in Austin today is 103.)  I won't say that I am ready for it to be over.  I have actually enjoyed being pregnant.  But I will say that I am ready to move on to the next chapter of this process.

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