Monday, August 29, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

I heard many people say that their pets could sense when they were pregnant and paid special attention to them during that time.  I was actually surprised that I didn't receive a similar reaction from Maverick.  It wasn't until the end of pregnancy that he started paying closer attention and could sense something was up.  I don't know if it was rearranging the house and his living quarters or what but he definitely knew something was up and would get antsy whenever Chris and I would leave the house.  He also had his own way of greeting the baby.
I was hoping that there wouldn't be any drama between the dog and the baby when we returned home but I wasn't totally sure how Mav was going to react to yet another new person in his house.  I had confidence that Maverick would adapt well and I was right.  Having the baby in the house has actually calmed my rowdy pup a bit.  He has become quite the protector for Jackson.  He has to check on him when he is crying and he even sits in the door of the nursery guarding the room whenever I am in there changing the baby.
There is definitely a lot of love between my two boys.  I really believe that Jackson will grow up thinking Maverick is his puppy.  I am just happy that my fears where unfounded.  Well, all except the one about Maverick licking the baby to death.  That still might happen!

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LE Bean said...

How sweet! We adopted a 2 yr old Aussie Shepherd mix last year, and he's been introduced to babies from 3 mo to 3 yrs and seems to love them all. I have a super cute picture (somewhere mocking me) of my niece Sam in a similar position, all curled up on the pup. It makes me smile!