Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bama Baby

It is Jackson's first football season and I am enjoying dressing my boy in all the crimson and white I can get my hands on.  I found out I was pregnant after the regular season was over last year so I didn't get the fun of dressing my bump to cheer on my team.  Instead, I get to dress my baby and that is way more fun.
I am not sure how my boy feels about having his team allegiance picked so early in life but I figure I better start early since he isn't surrounded by all the Alabama fans I was growing up.  It is my job to raise him right and teach him that even though we live in the land of the Longhorns, Tuscaloosa is the place for him.  Jackson's first game was two weeks ago when Alabama defeated Kent State.  
As you can see, he could barely contain his excitement for the game. Jackson slept through the whole first half of the game.  We watched the game at the house of our friends, the Heards, and the guys fixed us breakfast for lunch.  We chowed down on Conecuh sausage and bacon (imported from Alabama) along with pancakes, eggs, and biscuit.  What a feast!  The whole family got into the spirit for the game.
Well, everyone but Chris that is.  I haven't gotten him into an Alabama shirt yet but trust me that will happen one day.  Even Maverick sports a houndstooth collar on a regular basis.  So Daddy can't stay the odd man out forever.

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