Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4

Day 4: Letterbox
We actually had quite the discussion over twitter about what a letterbox was.  It appears based on spelling and terminology that our challenge list was created by someone British.  A letterbox in the UK is what we call a mailbox here in the US.  So I took a picture of my mailbox.  Now we have community mailboxes here in Texas.  Each street has one or two strategically positioned so that those living on the street can get to their box.  Fortunately for me, our box is located in front of the house immediately to the right of our house so I don't have far to go.  We do, however, only have one key to the box so I always pick up the mail after I arrive home from work each evening.  The city was nice enough to put a street lamp over the mailbox so I don't have to be in total darkness when I get my mail.


Gina said...

Okay, so, I'm intrigued by this whole "community mailbox" thing. How many houses share a mailbox? Do you each have your own compartment?

Julie said...

Haha! OK, let me explain. There are 12 small boxes per mailbox (I think) so 24 total for my street. Each house has it's own box with a key kind of like you see in the post office. The bigger mailbox on the end is where the mail carrier puts packages. If you have a package, he/she will leave the key to the big box in your box so you can retrieve the package. There is also a slot at the top of each box for outgoing mail but don't try to fit anything bigger than letter size in the slot because it won't work.