Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 6

So I am a little late posting Day 6. I spent most of yesterday afternoon working on the Great House Purge of 2012.  Last weekend I tackled the master bathroom and the kitchen and bedroom junk drawers.  This weekend it is our closet.  So far it's going well.  Once I am done we will have to take inventory on our "get rid of stuff" and determine if we just want to donate it or suffer through a garage sale. But for now, back to a Photo a Day!

Day 6: Makes You Smile
Initially I planned on taking a picture of Baby J because nothing makes me smile like my baby boy does.  However, I came across my Christmas present from Chris from last year and it made me smile all over again at the fabulous-ness of this gift.  The gift was a box set of all the Harry Potter books in hardback contained in this neat box that looks like a trunk.  I love it! But Chris is upset that I haven't read the books from the set.  I keep telling him it is because I don't want to mess them up.  I want to treasure them forever.

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Elsha said...

I want that set someday! Right now we only have the last one in hardback, the rest are paperback.