Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Few Days Behind

Day 8: Your Sky
It was pretty dreary around here on Saturday so that's what our sky looked like.  Cloudy and overcast and waiting for the rain to come.  It was a great day to stay home and snuggle with my baby.

Day 9: Daily Routine
Here's a little glimpse at my daily routine.  I try to keep my counter this neat and most of the time it is.  I like to be able to find exactly what I am looking for without a lot of trouble.

Day 10: Childhood
I came across these little guys when I was cleaning out my closet last weekend.  This is Teddy and Leppy (OK...I wasn't a super creative child).  Teddy was the first stuffed animal I ever owned.  He was given to me by my parents' neighbors the day I came home from the hospital. My dad got my Leppy when I was about 2.  These were two of my favorite stuffed animals growing up.

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