Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GAH! I am really bad at this the whole posting my photo each day thing has really fallen by the wayside.  I blame it all on my nephew, Blake, being born Saturday.  He had all of us so wrapped around his tiny little finger we were too busy to do anything but hang out with him.  So here are my much delayed pictures from last week.

Day 17: Water
I will admit it.  I don't drink enough water.  That's bad I know but I get tired of drinking something with no flavor.  Crystal Light drink mixes helped with that a lot when I was pregnant.  So I knew I wouldn't have any water to take a picture of so I took a picture of the water fountains in my office instead.

Day 18: Something You Bought
Guess what! It's Girl Scout Cookie time.  I actually bought my cookies on this day so it was the perfect time to snap a quick picture of them.  Of course I got the Peanut Butter Patties and the Caramel Delights because those are my favorites.  Does anyone else remember when they were called Tagalongs and Samoas?  My coworkers thought I was crazy when I told them I remembered trying to sell cookies the year they changed all the names.

Day 19: Sweet
I took this picture for two reasons.  One because it's chocolate and it is sweet.  Two because this was part of a Christmas gift from one of my program managers at work and I thought it was very sweet of him to think of me and let me know he appreciated the work I had done for him all year.

Day 20: Someone You Love
This was an easy one although I really wanted to get a picture of Jackson, Maverick, and Chris but getting all 3 of them together proved to be impossible.  So instead you have my grumpy looking baby who hadn't gotten enough sleep that day and was fighting it at that point.

Day 21: Reflection
I snapped this picture as we were leaving Galaxy Cafe on Saturday.  We were waiting on news of Blake's arrival and when we could see him at the time and decided to get a quick bite to eat in order to kill some time.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Day 22: Your Shoes
I have a lot of shoes.  I used to have more but I have parred down the collection quite a bit.  Chris would joke that my army of shoes was going to take over and attack him.  At one point there were two of these racks in my closet full of shoes.  Not anymore.


Jessica said...

Actually, they didn't change the name of the cookies. There are two official bakers of Girl Scout cookies. ABC Bakers, I believe, call them Peanut Butter patties and Caramel DeLites. The other one (can't remember name) calls them Tagalongs and Samoas. I'm guessing your area switched bakers.

The area I live in now uses ABC and I don't think they're nearly as good. My hometown still gets the other kind and every February I want to road trip up there just to get the good cookies! At least they're required to use the same Thin Mints recipe... (The shapes are different, though. ABC's have a scalloped edge and the others are smooth.) (I know way too much about Girl Scout cookies.)

Jessica said...

I looked it up to make sure there were still two bakers. It's explained here:

andreaunplugged said...

Something about the picture of the water cooler right next to the water fountains really seems off.

CraftyHope said...

What Jessica said about the bakers makes sense. Last year they were Samoas and Tagalongs (and do-si-dos, etc) but this year they're the ABC bakers and not those names again. I still order them by the 'real' names though!!
I'm so glad to hear Blake arrived safely and all is well!!
I adore you shoe organization. Mine are just in a pile in the bottom of my closet and I have to dig to find matching pairs. It's awful. I need a bigger closet in order to organize them any better :( boooooo

Erica said...

I looooooove Galaxy Cafe.