Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February Photos Week 3

Day 13: Blue
There is lots of blue in my house.  Wonder Bug is just one of the many things that has taken over my living room that is bright, bold blue.

Day 14: Heart
Of course the heart on Jackson's Valentine's bib is the heart I decided to use to represent the day of love. 

Day 15: Phone
Yes, I used my office phone.  Yes, I suck. Sorry...it was easy and I was still sick. 

Day 16: Something New
The elephant humidifier for Jackson's room purchased to help my poor baby's sinus issues he so luckily inherited from me and his dad. 

Day 17: Time
A clock in my living room was that was given to me as a wedding gift (the first time). I love this little clock. 

Day 18: Drink
My sangria swirl margarita at lunch at La Margarita during a date with my hubby.  We don't get time alone often enough.

Day 19: Something You Hate to Do
I can't think of any household chore that I really like to do but folding and putting up laundry is one I just can never seem to find time for. This hamper has been here for at least 2 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Yes the laundry! When Taylor gets all worked up about something (this time, house buying stuff!) he he cleans and does laundry. So I conned him into hanging up my clean clothes!! Unfortunately, there is still a pile in the bottom of the closet that is technically re-wearable, but is bordering on my throwing it all in the laundry hamper and calling it dirty.