Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Finishing Up January

Day 23: Something Old
I really love my something old but I can't wear it anymore.  My fingers have gotten too fat.  This is a ring that my grandmother passed down to me.  She had the stones from her wedding band and engagement ring made into this ring after my grandfather passed away.  I absolutely love this ring.  It's probably my most treasured possession.

Day 24: Guilty Pleasure
You all know my love for makeup.  Here are my Sephora and Ulta VIP cards to prove it.  I could spend a small fortune in both of these stores.  Nothing makes me feel better than a fresh makeover. 

Day 25: Something You Made
So I cheated a bit on something I made. I realized all the stuff I have made in the past is at my parents' house.  I guess I grew out of my craftiness as I got older (or I never had any to begin with). Technically I did make Jackson with a little help from Chris.  I did all the baby baking. 

Day 26: Colour
Purple and Black. Houndstooth, no less.  I finally got to wear this dress I purchased right before I found out I was pregnant with J and I love it.  I loved it when I bought it and I love it now.

Day 27: Lunch
Cabo Bob's, oh, Cabo Bob' love for you is unwavering.  This is by far my new favorite lunch spot near my office.  Yummy tacos on homemade tortillas.  Dublin Dr. Pepper (how sad will I be when their supply runs out...stupid Dr Pepper parent company!). This place just has it all for me.

Day 28: Light
The ceiling fan in our living room.  I love this fan.  It's a vast improvement over the awful modern monstrosity that was in my house when I first moved it. I just wish it had a remote like the one in my bedroom does.

Day 29: Inside Your Fridge
I don't know why anyone would want to see inside my fridge but here it is.  Nothing exciting. Milk, various staples and condiments, leftover casserole, and of course Dr Pepper.

Day 30: Nature
This is not a new picture but it was one I had one my phone. I used to have a rose bush (vine?) in my front flower bed. Now there is nothing because all the plants in the flower bed died. Even that lovely tree behind the rose died and is no longer in my yard. I really do have a brown thumb.

Day 31: You Again
Me again. Looking a little more put together than in my last picture but not necessarily more chipper.  This was taken at 6:30 in the morning after I had just finished applying my makeup and fixing my hair (10 minutes total!) I look unamused and tired.  I was.


CraftyHope said...

What the heck is Dublin Dr. Pepper? I've never heard of it.

Anyway, you must have the same brown thumb as me. That's why we have four pots of dirt and debris in the front yard. . .everything died. The yard guys take care of the rest of the plants. Fortunately.

That picture of you is cute. Tired as you may be, you look fabulous dharling!

Julie said...

Dublin Dr Pepper was made in Dublin, Texas and contained real cane sugar.
Yummy stuff but it tis no longer. Dr Pepper filed suit against Dublin and they couldn't reach an agreement so they won't be selling Dublin Dr Pepper anymore.