Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day in Pictures

Chris and I aren't big on Valentine's Day so we decided to go the low key route this year.  That ended up being a good thing since Jackson and I were both sick with sinus infections. (What is it with us and sick on the holidays this year?)
I walked into the room and Chris had left my gift with Trevor so I added his to bed so we could open them at the same time.
I decided to dial in dinner since I felt so bad and opted for the Heart Baker pizza from Papa Murphy's.  We got one of these on our first Valentine's together so I think I am going to make a tradition from now on instead of going out to a fancy dinner. 
Mom got Jackson this sweet bib for his first Valentine's Day so I had to make sure I sent him to school in it despite the fact he was a snotty mess. (No fever though.) 
Here is Jackson's Valentine's to us.  I just love the tiny footprints at the bottom. And I love that our daycare makes sure to send home something we can keep for years to come. 
Jackson's haul. I mean what 6, almost 7, month old doesn't need a ton of treats and cards on his first Valentine's Day. Personally, I was a tad shocked when they handed us the list of classmates to bring cards in for.  Fortunately, we had extras of Sean's cards to send with J.
My sweet Valentine. Despite not feeling well, he still looked adorable.

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