Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What am I getting myself into?

It is February now which hopefully means the awfulness of January has passed and 2012 will start to brighten from here.  I have decided to take on a couple of challenges in February because...why not?  The first one is a continuation of last month's photo a day.  I found the list for this month on Fat Mum Slim's website and, while I wasn't always great at posting my pictures, it was fun taking them.  Here is what we are working with this month:

My second challenge for February is going to be the really hard one.  Jenny announced on Twitter at the beginning of this week that she and Kristie had decided not to do any spending on themselves for the entire month of February (it's a short month, right?).  I thought about it and decided I want in because I am trying to tighten our budget a bit anyway and I've already given up buying unneeded makeup for myself.  What's skipping a few more unnecessary purchases?  The first thing I wanted this morning was a doughnut on the way to work.  Well, that's not allowed.  Here are the rules of the spending hiatus:

No spending on:
  • Clothes 
  • Accessories/shoes
  • Unnecessary things for the home
  • Dining out solo
  • Makeup/personal care items
  • Just because items
 I am allowed to buy:
  • Gifts
  • Groceries
  • Necessary things for the home
  • Necessary items for the boys and Maverick
  • Dining out with others
  • Replacement items for things that run out
This is going to be tough for me. I like to shop. I like to spend my Friday afternoon free time strolling around the mall or my favorite shopping centers looking for deals or items I just can't live without.  But this is something I need to do.  Hopefully this will help me cut out some of my unnecessary spending and will help me gain better spending habits.  Wish me luck!

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Curly Girl Confessions said...

Girl- the first is going to be easy because picture taking is fun! The 2nd is dreadful, lol. :) Luck be with you.