Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Jackson turned 8 months old on Tuesday.  With the 8 month mark, we are experiencing lots of changes around here.  First, my baby is mobile. (Words that strike fear into the hearts of mothers everywhere.)  He hasn't quite mastered the belly off the floor crawl but he has the Army low crawl down pat. (My brother would say it's actually the high crawl because his head is off the floor but who needs to be technical?) And man, can he scoot when he wants to.  I put him down with his toys in the living room and 2 seconds later he is in the kitchen.  We have started blocking the exits to the living room to still allow him to crawl but not escape.  J is not a fan of this at all and will scream bloody murder once he realizes he can't get past the ottoman that's wedged between the chair and the fireplace.
Secondly, J has figured out how to push himself up into a sitting position.  This has been great because he is able to sit and play with his toys and keep himself entertained for short stretches of time now.  Thirdly, we will have double the number of teeth soon.  I noticed 4 more teeth trying to cut on Sunday which will bring the tooth total to 8 by the time these are done.  Lastly, this happened on Saturday: 
Jackson finally mastered pulling himself up.  And now that he can do that he wants to be standing all the time.  There's only one slight problem.  He hasn't quite figured out how to get himself back down.  So he will stand there and get tired and then fuss because he's tired but he can't sit down.  Hopefully we will master that skill soon.  I'm just so amazed watching him grow and change and turn into the person he is going to be. Who knows...maybe he has already discovered his future profession.


Jessica said...

I love it when kids start crawling. They're so much easier to entertain.

Paul still only has 2 teeth! My kids are very slow teethers.

CraftyHope said...

Goodness, he's getting so big!! And such a cutie. Thanks for sharing his progress. I love hearing sbout it. Best of luck as he moves around more. I can't belive how fast they grow and develop sometimes!