Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick Notes on the Trip So Far

• Jackson was an angel on the flights. He slept through most of each flight and only fussed a little bit right before landing in Mobile.

• It's a good thing he was an angel on the planes because he was the devil yesterday. I have never seen my child so cranky. I can't help but blame the 3 teeth that are trying to cut right now.

• He screamed the entire 30 minute drive from my parents' house to see my dad at work. He never does that and is normally great in the car. Only to turn into my sweet baby the second we got out of the car.

• My mother apparently thinks I have forgotten how to drive around my hometown since she proceeded to give me directions to the high school I attended for 4 years and the hospital my dad has worked at since I was 9 months old.

• I have not forgotten. I just don't take the routes she would therefore they must be wrong. Six years away does not erase 28 of living in the same town.

• Rice cereal is magic. Call me a bad parent if you must but Jackson sleeps better with a little cereal in his bedtime bottle. Proven by the fact he his still asleep 11 hours later versus only sleeping 8 hours without it.

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