Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Today is my birthday.  It is also Free Slurpee day.  I joked with Chris that I expected him to deliver a Slurpee to my office since it was my birthday and Free Slurpee day.  And since it's my birthday, I should get what I want, right? He did not agree.  Of course I know the reason why and that's because we tried to get a free Slurpee on my birthday last year.  I'm surprised I haven't told this story on here before.  I even went back to my archives to check so I didn't repeat myself but I guess I was so wrapped up in being pregnant that all other stories went out the window.  So here it goes.

This time last year I was 9 months pregnant, 15 days away from my due date, in the middle of the hottest summer ever in Austin, Texas.  I had not yet diagnosed pre-eclampsia. I was basically miserable.  I told Chris that all I wanted for my birthday was tickets to see the final Harry Potter movie and a free Slurpee on my birthday.  So he picked me up from work that afternoon since he was in training near my office and we drove to the 7-Eleven closest to our house.  Now this is not the nicest 7-Eleven I've ever been in but it's not in the ghetto either so I was surprised at the clientele of the establishment.  I guess it goes back to people going nuts over anything that's free.

We walk in to hear the store's owner tell a customer they no longer had free Slurpees.  Apparently 7-Eleven corporate had sent special cups to the stores to use for the free Slurpees so they were on a first come, first serve basis.  Once those cups were gone, the individual stores could decide if they want to continue to serve the free Slurpee in the regular cups or discontinue the promotion.  This, however, was not advertised by 7-Eleven corporate and there were a lot of angry people who were not able to get their free Slurpees.  Well, this was also the case in our 7-Eleven.  One man actually fixed a Slurpee and walked out the door with it because he was determined he would get his Slurpee for free.

There was one woman however who was furious.  She had arrived at the 7-Eleven with her whole family in tow and she was raising a stink because they weren't giving out free Slurpees anymore.  She was convinced that "only the white people were getting the free drinks."  I guess I should mention that the store owner was Indian so I found this thought amusing.  And then she sees Chris, standing there in his Sheriff uniform.  Her comment went something like this, "OH...I bet the cop gets whatever he wants."  Well, all this is going on while I'm fixing my Dr Pepper Slurpee because I was going to pay the $2.00 for my Slurpee since we were there and I was pregnant and miserable and it was my birthday.  (That ended up being the only thing I had that night because I was too sick to eat by that point.)  Chris tried to tell me to get a larger one since the small Slurpees had been the free ones in the first place.  I didn't want a large one but I understood why when we got outside. 

The crazy woman was still in the parking lot and she was pissed when she saw me with my Slurpee.  She had left before we paid for the drink for me and sandwiches for Chris so she believed I had received one of the elusive free Slurpees.  She started yelling out her car window at us.  Needless to say, we got out of there pretty quick after that.  So when I saw 7-Eleven advertising their Free Slurpee Day this year, I knew there was no way we would try to get a Slurpee today.  Any other day but today.  I should also mention that the Slurpee wasn't even that good.  It was kind of watery and gross I guess because the machines had been over worked that day.  All in all, it just made me sad.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I think you should start Slurpee Week instead, where you get one every other day this week.

HereWeGoAJen said...

And happy birthday!

Jessica said...

Well at least it seems your birthday was better this year! Hope you had a good day.