Thursday, September 6, 2012

Living in a Pinterest World

I am on Twitter.  I blog. I have a Facebook page.  I live in a world of social media.  So it isn't surprising that I spend my share of time on Pinterest.  I'm not on it every day but I hop on at least once a week and pin ideas for recipes, cleaning tips, activities to do with Jackson, and anything else that tickles my fancy.  Chris just laughs at me when I start a sentence with, "I saw something on Pinterest the other day..."  However, he has been surprised at how well some of the ideas I have come up with from pins I have seen have worked.  There was cleaning the microwave by heating a bowl of vinegar in there.  There were the table decorations for Jackson's birthday party.  Now I am toying around with an idea on how to tackle Christmas presents for the boys and not kill our budget in the process.

However, Pinterest has made me realize just how uncrafty I really am.  I see all these neat things on there that I would love to do and all I can think is that the person who made that has a lot of time on their hands.  Maybe it's not that I am not crafty.  Maybe it's just more that I am a working mom who is exhausted by the time I get home every night and my weekends are spent juggling kids and my husband's crazy work schedule while trying to maintain some sort of decent household.  I'm not saying that I can't do it all.  I'm just saying that it would be difficult.  But still I continue to pin things with the thought that maybe one day I will be able to use all that Dawn dish soap I bought at the case lot sale 4 years ago to mix with vinegar to make the perfect bathtub cleaner. Who knows...I might even venture into making my own laundry detergent one day.  Am I hippie enough for that?

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